Beyond Mind To Consciousness

Mocked and ridiculed for years David continued his proclaimation of the enslavement of humanity which has now only begun to emerge as fact.

David has opened the minds of millions of people that the human race is under an illusionary spell, that our perception of reality has been tampered with even our moon not being real, through genetic manipulation mankind has been overruled by a small number of specially interbred elite humans that have infiltrated the governments and influential families of the world as they have done for thousands of years in preparation to rule us in total domination.

David has informed us of the elite’s intention to smite the human race through emotional, population and food control via political policies, this includes genetically modified foods, introduction of diseases, starvation of entire countries, the manipulation of wars, population infertility through ‘so called’ vaccines, and nuclear contamination to name a few.

David reveals the truth about these hidden enemies as a race of reptillian beings that have the capability to access our human consciousness through our long known chakra points which are manipulated from a frequency outside human perception.
He exposes the dark secret of these entities feeding off our ‘aura’ or radiant energy devouring it like vampires, they feed off our fear as the adrenaline we produce is intoxicating to them and they especially covet the fear of children which the elite abuse, rape and torture in feeding rituals. These elite have no conscious about the death and destruction of us or our planet – it is their breeding and way of life, they are partly not human.

David has never swayed in his beliefs and continues to present seminars around the world to sold out audiences – explaining whats really going on, who are the players, what they are doing and how they are doing it and of course what they want.