BitPay Surpasses 26,000 Approved Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants

BitPay-Bitcoin-MagazineBitcoin payment processor BitPay continues its rapid growth as more and more businesses turn to bitcoin to solve challenges presented by the traditional financial system (exorbitant fees charged by credit card processors, for example).

The Atlanta-based company announced on Tuesday that they’ve surpassed 26,000 approved merchants. An impressive number, certainly, and it comes almost six months after their announcement of reaching the 10,000 merchant mark last year.

BitPay has become one of the go-to places for merchants to start accepting bitcoin, and allows these very merchants to convert accepted bitcoin payments to fiat currency almost instantly.

The likes of, CoinTerra and Lamassu have turned to the company to process their transactions, as have many other notable outfits.

The company launched a merchant directory in November of last year, which lists a large number of bitcoin-accepting businesses from around the world.