Teases Bitcoin/Litecoin Marketplace

bitshopperWith the news that Bitmit is shutting down, we thought you might like to be be aware of another bitcoin marketplace that’s in it’s infancy. So young, in fact, that is hasn’t even launched.

It’s called, and a representative of the company teased their upcoming project on social sharing website Reddit Thursday evening:

“Merchants will be able to sell their wares for either Bitcoin or Litecoin. Customers will be only be required to register an account with an email,” touts the announcement.

Perhaps what makes this of interest is the fact that the service will also allow for the buying of selling of goods in litecoin, bitcoin’s little brother.

“We will be the first, fully regulated and limited company auction base for UK Bitcoin & Litecoin enthusiasts with links to a UK exchange offering direct deposits into your BitShopper account,” continues the announcement. launches January 23rd, 2014.