Canada’s VirtEx Adds Litecoin Trading

virtexNo longer is bitcoin the only currency available for trading on Canada’s VirtEx (Virtual Exchange). The company announced on Wednesday that they’ve launched support for litecoin trading effective immediately.

Customers using VirtEx are able to exchange litecoins to and from the Canadian dollar, and also to and from bitcoin.

“We are very excited to be the first exchange to allow traders to buy Litecoin with Canadian dollars,” the CEO of VirtEx Joseph David said. “This is a milestone in the history of cryptocurrency in Canada.”

VirtEx says they included the option to trade litecoin as a result of customer demand.

“The development of LTC trading at VirtEx paves the way for the launch of other cryptocurrencies in the near future,” the company wrote in a press release.

Litecoin, created by former Google employee Charles Lee, is often viewed at bitcoin’s “little brother” of sorts. Like bitcoin, it has recently gained significant traction in that last few months. At the time of this writing, litecoin is being traded at about $15.99 CAD per unit at VirtEx.  (via CryptocoinsNews)