FULL Interview, Charles Lee, Litecoin Creator, Will Litecoin Overtake Bitcoin?

Key Points:
Thank you for joining us at FutureMoneyTrends.com, here with Charles Lee the creator of Litecoin and works for Coinbase. So you started litecoin, was it you by yourself or with a few other people?
Charles: Me by myself. I’m positioning it as silver to bitcoin’s gold; its a bit faster, has 4 times as many coins……Charles: The main thing about bitcoin & litecoin is that it’s decentralized, it doesn’t really matter who created it. I can’t stop litecoin if I wanted to right now. It’s a trustless system. FMT: Will we see China add Litecoin and the Chinese buy it? Charles: There’s a few exchanges in China that already support litecoin; more will come, probably BTC China will support it one day…. FMT: Is it the ultimate goal for Litecoin to be the more heavily used coin? Charles: I didn’t plan on making litecoin a bitcoin competitor; I planned on them be used side by side. I guess it’s possible that litecoin could overtake Bitcoin.