GoCoin Becomes One of the First Payment Processors to Allow Merchants to Accept Litecoin

In addition to allowing merchants to accept bitcoin, digital payment processor GoCoin has announced that they have enabled litecoin payment processing — making them one of the first digital payment processor to do so.

It’s big news for the litecoin community, and GoCoin says that it solves the “Where can I spend my litecoins?” dilemma, much like in the early days of bitcoin.

“GoCoin’s platform was specifically designed from the beginning to easily accommodate emerging digital currencies, such as Litecoin, because we saw the massive potential of the digital currency market,” said Steve Beauregard, CEO and founder of GoCoin. “Our goal is to create a one-stop payments solution for merchants to streamline checkout and expand sales with digital currency payments.”

One of the first companies to hop on board in accepting litecoin in addition to bitcoin are the folks at KnCMiner — who manufacture high-powered ASIC mining hardware.

“In the past we had to turn away customers requesting to purchase KnCMiner computers with Litecoin,” says Sam Cole — who leads KnCMiner. “Through this new alliance with GoCoin, for the first time, our worldwide customers will be able to pay with both Bitcoin and Litecoin.”

Many insist litecoin has no chance of surpassing bitcoin’s popularity. But could this be the start of litecoin’s rise to mainstream?