Growing Crops & Plants By Electricity

This slide deck gives a brief overview of electro-horticulture – the science of optimizing the growth of plants using electricity. Also known as electroculture, plants grown under the influence of electric fields have been known to experience an increase in growth rate, faster maturation of fruit, and significant increases in yield, amongst other effects.

Based on the benefits that electroculture is capable of producing, we see the way that it’s most likely to be used in the garden and at the farm in the following ways:

– Fertilizer saver: saving money and increasing profits by improving the uptake capacity of traditional fertilizers.
– Boosting profits/ROI via improvements in yield
– Reducing negative impacts of weather-related risks like drought or early frosts
– IPM, or integrated pest management – encouraging plants to bolster their own natural defenses against insects and infestation.
– Disease control: helping to curtail various diseases ranging from mildews to various bacterial and viral infections, like mosaic viruses.

While electro-culture has historically been used solely for the purpose of experimental yield improvements, there are a number of application areas that have not yet been considered.