Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong 2014. Interview with Roger Ver

Roger Ver in his interview with answered the following questions:
1. Hey Roger, what do you think will be the biggest challenge for Bitcoin being adopted by the average consumer, and how do you think we can overcome it? P.s. You’re a legend.
2. What multi-sig innovation have you been most impressed with/ are most excited about?
3. What’s your view on Bitcoin sidechains and when do you think they’ll happen. Also what’s your view on the altcoin market after Bitcoin sidechains are introduced?
4. How will government regulation efforts turn out for Bitcoin in the most near future, and, as a matter of fact, will they have any impact at all?
5. Since you have been promoting passports for Bitcoin, are you planning to move your own businesses to a tax haven?
6. Hi Roger, quick question: if you could describe Bitcoin in three words or less to the average Joe, what would they be? Thanks!
7. Andreas Antonopolous stated that in the future, we will see millions of altcoins. Do you agree with him?
8. Hey, what is the most expensive thing you bought or are thinking about buying with Bitcoin?
9. As a VC legend, could you recommend which Bitcoin related companies are worth investing in?
10. Do you own/ trade any altcoins? If so, which ones do you feel have the best chance at rivaling Bitcoin?