Kim Dotcom Announces US Political Party After Victory Over US Prosecutors

“I’m not a pirate. I’m not a fugitive. I’m not a flight risk. I’m your Internet Freedom fighter AND Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016!”

After just recently dodging jail-time, Megaupload entrepreneur Kim Dotcom announced the launch of the Internet Party, a political party in the US that hopes to bring freedom to the internet, and to the average American who is fed up with the major political parties.

In a recent post on Twitter, Dotcom promised that he would be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016.”

Dotcom said that the Internet Party will feature “celebrity founders” from various sectors of the entertainment industry.

This is a continuation of the original New Zealand-based Internet Party that Dotcom started back in 2014 to enter the elections there. Dotcom has not been running as a candidate in these elections because he is a German citizen and is not eligible to enter, but he has been acting as the PR man for the party, and has been selecting others to be involved.

For the New Zealand campaign, Dotcom had to spend over $3 million just to have the Pirate Party entered in the race, and it is likely that a run in the US will cost even more. However, with as much support as Dotcom has, it should be easy to crowd-fund the resources that are needed to make this happen.

“The Internet Party US will be well funded and run by American citizens. I will help with Public Relations ;-),” Dotcom posted on Twitter.