LEGO Releases 285,800 Piece Bitcoin Blockchain Collector Set

DENMARK – Today LEGO announced the release of its most ambitious collector’s item yet, the LEGO Bitcoin Blockchain, containing 285,800 individual blocks.

“Each piece represents a block in the Bitcoin blockchain,” LEGO marketing executive Lloyd Hammond said. “At 285,800 pieces, it’s definitely geared towards some of our most dedicated LEGO collectors; although children are of course welcome to give it a try – just be careful that the box doesn’t break and bury you in an avalanche,” he added.


The completed LEGO blockchain reaches a length of 31 metres, and also comes with 3 mini-figs: the Winklevii and one Bitcoin Miner. LEGO enthusiasts who purchase the set are also encouraged to keep up with the real Bitcoin blockchain, as LEGO plans on releasing expansion sets at the rate of about 1 every 10 minutes until the year 2140.