One Village In Germany Has Done What America Just “Can’t.”

Can’t. Such a dirty word. It seems like everyone has an excuse for why we just can’t harness renewable energy and finally kick our addiction to oil – oil we buy from countries that don’t necessarily have our best interests at heart.

Wildpoldsried, a village in Germany, isn’t taking no for an answer.

It’s no surprise that Germany would play host to a community that produces 321% MORE energy than it needs via renewable energy. Germany has a stellar record of renewable energy application herself. Despite its small population of 2,600, Wildpoldsried is making $5.7 million a year in revenue by selling power back to the national grid. What could your town do with that extra cash?

This village’s success has won it numerous awards for innovation, conservation, and renewable energy initiative. Mayor Zengerle said, “The mitigation of climate change in practice can only be implemented with the citizens and with the Village Council behind them 100 percent of the way. This model cannot be forced from only one side. We often spend a lot of time talking to our visitors about how to motivate the village council and mayor to start thinking differently. We show them a best practices model in motion and many see the benefits immediately. From the tour we give, our guests understand how well things can operate when you have the enthusiasm and conviction of people.”

Hopefully this kind of thinking catches on elsewhere. I think it will!