The Comte De Saint Germain

If your a spiritually open minded person then this is for you!!! This video (1987) titled An Introduction to The Ascended Consciousness of Saint Germain includes an interview with Azena Ramanda who’s essence leaves her body and allows Saint Germain to incarnate into it.(Skip to around 5:45 mins to go straight to incarnation) Saint Germain addresses the following issues in this video: Freedom & Prosperity; Sexuality & Relationships; Fear & Prophecy. Contains moments of comedy/jokes :) I’ve found myself learning something new each time I watch it.

Video was originally on VHS converted by a friend to DVD and ripped from DVD, 4 segments altogether (becuase when I first joined Youtube they would only allow 15 minute uploads, but Im working to get the video up in full very soon). Some minor video issues that don’t affect audio, apologies. I haven’t come across anything else like this on the net so thought it fitting to immortalize in here on YouTube and share with the world because it is too good to be kept hidden away.