What is Grand Coin?

gdc-coinGrand Coin [GDC] – The coin that pays 1 grand per block.

LAUNCH DATE 13/07/2013

45 second block time
6 blocks transaction confirmation
50 minted block maturity
30 block difficulty retarget accelerated diff re-targeting Supports transaction messages coins per block halves every year, or 700800 blocks 0 premine tx fee 0.1% 45 sec block 80 blocks per hour 1920 blocks per day 57600 blocks per month 700800 blocks per year (365 days) expect total 1,420,609,614 coins Normal Payout per block: 1000 coins per block Ports: – Connection: 12377
RPC: 12378



every day there will be a random superblock of 5000-10000 coins (1/1920 chance)
every week there will be a super+ block of 50000-100000 coins (1/13440 chance)

Grandcoin, GDC

Grandcoin. A scrypt cryptocurrency [Litecoin Clone] boasting a zero pre-mine along with a substantial projected minting of over a billion coins. GDC is a ‘penny stock’ in the alt crypto market. I think it has excellent long term potential at today’s price.


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